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Acoustic B600H 600 Watt
Retail: $999.99
Combining massive output, advanced tone shaping, and convenient signal controls, the Acoustic B600H is an ideal bass amp head for dominating the stage or crafting your perfect studio tone. The B600H amp has 2 inputs—1 for passive pickups, 1 for active—plus input gain and output volume controls. The clip indicator lets you know when your signal is overdriving the preamp, although with the harmonically rich distortion of the B600H's preamp circuit, that just might be what you want. The mute function coupled with the rear-panel tuner send lets you tune silently on stage. Add the 6-band EQ and notch filter into the mix and you've got total tone control. Generate deep, thundering lows, aggressive, punchy mids, or crisp, clean highs any sound you want is yours to be had. The rear panel offers an array of possibilities. Multiple speaker outs let you work with many cabinet configurations. The Direct Out with independent level control—which you can send pre- or post-EQ—is perfect for getting a solid DI signal to a console for live sound reinforcement or studio recording. The effects loop with mix control allows you to work with line-level, studio-grade gear for advanced tone shaping. Use the footswitch input to put the control at your feet for the complete bass rig.
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