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Acoustic 260 1x10 100W Mini Bass Stack
Retail: $599.99
With an overall height of just over 29 inches, the Acoustic 260 Mini Stack is a pony-sized bass amp that pumps out amazing volume and tone. Perfect for small stages or big bedrooms, the Acoustic 260 bass stack provides the same legendary Acoustic tone as its bigger brethren in a compact, 100-watt, ultra-portable size.

The 260H head puts out an impressive 100 watts of classic Acoustic tone, and the 3-band EQ lets you dial in the perfect sound for any venue. The custom design, compact 1 X 10" 260C speaker cabinet features a front-facing port for extended bass response, built in casters and a "towel bar" style handle for easy transport. The Acoustic 260's cosmetic appointments will ring true with fans of legendary Acoustic designs. Modern components and construction make this bass amp perfect for today's player.

Volume and EQ controls give you complete control over the character of your tone including very natural compression and harmonically rich, musical distortion that kick in at higher volume levels.
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