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Acoustic Guitar Amps
Acoustic AG120S 2x8 120W Stereo with DSP
Retail: $999.99
With an angled-up wedge shape, the Acoustic AG120S acoustic guitar amp is designed to maximize projection. It features two 60-watt power amps for 120 watts of true stereo output of your guitar and vocals. For warm, full frequency sound, the speaker cabinet features two 8" coaxial speakers with tweeters for excellent mid- and low-frequency response as well as ultra-clear, sparkling high-end. Both channels on the Acoustic guitar amplifier have dual inputs, featuring two combination inputs—each input accepts a 14" unbalanced or XLR balanced input, so you can plug in a variety of instrumentmicrophone combinations. Individual channel volume controls for each input accommodate a variety of level needs, and peak indicators warn you when your signal is getting too hot. 3 band EQs with sweepable mids on each channel make it easy to get solid tones for two separate instruments or instruments on one channel and microphones on the other. Included on each channel is a selectable effects unit with 16 stereo effects, including reverbs, delays, and choruses. Additionally, the rear panel features an effects loop for incorporating external effects, with or without AG120S's built-in effects. The Acoustic guitar amp's master volume control gives you greater control over your overall output when used in conjunction with the channel volume controls.
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