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Bogner Uberschall 4X12 Straight Cab
Retail: $1,279.00
GLP:  $1,119.00
Guitar Center Platinum is proud to present Bogner Amplification!

Currently Bogner Amps are only available through the Guitar Center Nashville Platinum Room, Guitar Center Orlando Platinum Room, Guitar Center North Dallas Platinum Room and the Guitar Center Atlanta Platinum Room.
The Guitar Center Platinum Room Manager can facilitate shipping Bogner products directly to you.

Guitar Center Nashville
721 Thompson Lane
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
Phone 615-297-7770
Platinum Manager Tony Higbee
Cell 615 499-0432

Guitar Center Orlando
12402 Orange Blossom Trail, Ste. 1
Orlando, Florida 32837
Phone 407-251-6659
Manager Hugo Rodriguez

Guitar Center Atlanta
1485 Northeast Expressway
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
Phone 404-320-7253
Platinum Manager Mark Blasko
Cell 404 694-5032

Guitar Center North Dallas
4519 LBJ Freeway
Farmers Branch, Texas 75244
Phone 972-960-0011
Platinum Manager Robbie Gustin
Cell 817 909-7045

The Ubercab, a 4x12 Straight cabinet specially designed to compliment the Uberschall and Twin Jet, comes with a black basket weave grill and a combination of front mounted Celestion V30 and G12T75 speakers. This combination unleashes the brutality of the UBERSCHALL amp. It helps to maximize the low end and give great cutting power to the midshighs. A standard BOGNER 4x12" cabinet with V30's sounds great for the UBERSCHALL as well, but Bogner wanted to offer a cabinet that was fine tuned for the flame-throwing UBERSCHALL.
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Platinum Manager: Brian Lacher
Platinum Manager Phone: 832-655-3063
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