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Trussart SteelTop Caster Antique Silver Paisley
Retail: $5,648.00
The SteelTop has the look and feel of a vintage instrument while also featuring another James Trussart original invention the recessed steel top plate. The metal plate sits in a recessed area on the face of the instrument, which keeps the edge of the metal plate covered, adding comfort as well as styling. In addition to the recessed steel top plate, our exclusive chambered wood body and custom metal appointments are beautiful to look at as well as being functional. For instance, the recessed steel head cap adds mass to the headstock and increases sustain. The steel, while also being the perfect medium to display the beautiful Trussart custom finishes and engraving, also has tonal advantages. The SteelTop tone is a uniquely classic sound that, combined with the resonant qualities of the chambered body and steel top, can range from sweet thick classic tones to the heaviest lead tones. Equally at home being played on stage or on display as a piece of art, you will know you have something special the moment you lay your hands on this instrument, as every Trussart is loaded with unique custom details. The construction of these instruments is only half of the story the other half is the finish. SteelTops are available with distressed finishes that come with a history and a slight element of neglect—of decay—so it has a personality all its own.

This Trussart has found it’s way into the hands of many guitarists including Rich Robinson of the Black Crows, Pete Stroud of the Sheryl Crow Band, Kirk Douglas of The Roots and Brian Ray of the Paul McCartney Band to name just a few.

• Chambered Alder or Mahogany Body with a recessed Metal top. Other options are available upon request.
• Bolt-On Maple Neck with a chambered Alder body or a Mahogany Neck with a chambered Mahogany Body, both with a recessed Steel Head Cap.
• Neck Shape- '59 Standard, '60 available upon request
• Rosewood or Maple Fingerboard, Ebony is also available as an option
• 24-34" Scale
• 1-58" Wide Nut
• 10" Radius
• Frets 6130 Medium Jumbo
• Tune-O-Matic Standard TonePros®, Wraparound and Bigsby® Tremolos are also available.
• Controls- Volume, Volume, Tone and a 3-Way. Custom switching options are also available
• Arcane Inc. Humbucker Standard, TV Jones® Pickups are also available
• Weight 7 to 8 pounds depending on pickup and Bridge Options
• Setup with Dunlop 10 to 46 gauge strings other gauges available upon request
• Made In America
• Lefty’s also available
• Patent Pending

• Includes a James Trussart signed Certificate of Authenticity
• High quality G&G® Hard Case is included in the price of the instrument
Serial Number: 11182
Item Id: 107031981 See All Of This Item
Weight: 7 lb 3 oz